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tv stand with a tv on it

Introduced to South Africa in the early 1800’s by Australia, Knysna Black Wood is one of the densest and un-rosewood-like of the Delbergias.

Having approximately the same qualities as walnut, it is easily shaped and works well with steam.

The name can cause a bit of confusion as there is little to no black colouring in the wood itself.

The colours range from a light shade to a darker contrast of brown.

This is by far one of the easier woods to work with as it blends, glues and finishes well. This wood is reliable in many ways, and for this reason it is commonly used in the building of boats and musical instruments.

As far as furniture goes, it makes for beautiful pieces with its distinctive knots which truly comes alive once properly sealed and oiled. We simply cannot wait for another project made out of Black Wood.

Examples of our latest blackwood furniture creations

side table
coffee table